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6 Tips for Travel Team Get-Togethers If You Work Remotely, Part 2

If you’re an extrovert and love to travel, a week-long, expenses-paid business trip to a resort town is paradise. If you’re an introvert, “team bonding” and “hanging out all day with your coworkers” sounds intimidating.

There’s a reason you love remote work. You’re in the safety of your own world and most communication takes place via DMs through your fingertips. Going from rarely seeing your coworkers to seeing them all day?😲Let’s not think about it.

But here we are, at our annual remote team, in-person get together. As you prepare for your first company meeting, consider these tips if you’re with your coworkers in person for the first time. If you’ve read part 1, continue with part 2.

Tip 4 Start a routine if your days are not routine

The daily routine of remote workers, especially those who work from home, is a little different from those who work on-site at an office. If you work in person, you’re accustomed to following a routine before you leave home, when you’re at the office, and before you leave the office.

If you work from home, it’s not a big deal if you don’t have time to pack your lunch. You can scrounge around to see what you can find in your kitchen. If you feel too hot or cold, you can take a few steps to get to your bedroom and do a quick outfit change.

When you’re working for a week in person, you need a whole new routine. You may need to bring your laptop because you can’t leave it at your home office. You have to remember to bring any critical medications because they won’t be just a few steps away.

Before you go on your trip, take notes about what you’ll need to bring. Once you’re at the hotel, write notes or set reminders on your phone to remember what you need to do or what you need to bring to your first meeting. These tiny points will help your day to run more smoothly during your work week away from home.

Tip 5 Prepare to challenge yourself

Challenge yourself. Always. This is a powerful goal, whether you work in person or remotely. You’ll have many opportunities to challenge yourself, whether it is to have long conversations, try treetop excursions, sample new food, go on a scavenger hunt, or make a presentation in front of a group.

Extroverts love to meet new people, so hanging out with your teammates from breakfast to bedtime is fun. You have an abundance of opportunities to get to know your coworkers.

For introverts, being with your teammates for several days can be exhausting. You’re socializing with almost complete strangers, making small talk, or diving deep into topics such as family. You’ll need to be your extroverted self.

No matter how social you are, there is something new to try. It’s a chance to work and have fun at an all-expenses paid vacation.

Tip 6 Nurture those connections

Now that you’ve had the chance to connect with your teammates in person, keep the connections going. Follow up on conversations you had during your get-together. Ask your coworker if they checked out that TV show you recommended.

Depending on how much you enjoyed socializing with your coworkers, you might find it lonely to return to working on your own. Or you might enjoy returning to working on your own again. It’s a bit of an adjustment for remote workers to go from working alone, to being surrounded by your coworkers all day, and returning to solitary work again.

On the bright side, you’ll have made new connections or deepened relationships with coworkers you work with regularly. Your family and friends will also be excited to hear about your working vacation!

Key Takeaways

Spending several days with your coworkers can be a fun experience. It’s a chance to meet them in person and leave the house to go to work. If you’re an introvert, seeing your coworkers all day could be overwhelming, but following some tips can turn this trip into a memorable working vacation. 

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