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AI Replacing and Creating Jobs: It’s Happening with Ads

Recently people have been discussing how artificial intelligence (AI) is either enhancing our abilities to do our jobs or is threatening to replace jobs. Now there is a case of a business using AI instead of hiring humans to do the work.

The advertising agency WPP and chipmaker Nvidia are using generative artificial intelligence to make ads. For example, they can use AI to place a car in London or in Rio de Janeiro for an advertising campaign and save money on production costs because they are not shooting on location. The result of such technology will be smaller creative teams to create ads in the future.

The impact of AI is being felt elsewhere in marketing. Copywriters have said that they have lost jobs because their agency wants to use AI such as ChatGPT instead of hiring writers. Writers have been offered less pay because the employer expects the writer to use AI to assist them to do their jobs more quickly. (Not all writers are losing jobs or being paid less because of AI; these are just some examples of writers who are impacted directly by AI.)

I’m curious to see how the job situation will continue to develop this year. As quickly as AI is replacing or modifying jobs, it is also creating jobs for those who work with AI. One of the companies I work for is creating AI to increase the efficiency of the hiring process. This technology will eventually either replace or modify jobs in human resources as the technology improves. But on the upside, our company has grown by fifty percent in just a few months.

AI can definitely help us to do our jobs faster. I use AI to edit my work. It is like having an extra set of eyes to assist as I write. Those who have an interest in or are open to using technology, or have a job in the technology field will have an advantage as advances continue to be made in AI. These people will more easily adapt to the changes instead of seeing AI as a threat to jobs.

It will be interesting to look back and see how the job situation has developed a year from today.

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