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Amazing Insights on Speaking Skills

Employers look for team members with strong, effective communication skills. Our ability to advance in our careers, build a business, or develop relationships depend on how well we can articulate words.

Here are some amazing insights into our speaking skills. Take a moment to think about what these insights mean to you, and how they impact your life.

  1. The average person speaks about 7,000 to 20,000 words a day. The range is based on several sources. How many words you speak depends on how much you need to communicate with others. Your range of vocabulary can range from less than 1000 words to a wider range if you have a highly technical job.

  2. Non-verbal communication is as important, if not more important, than verbal communication. When we speak, we focus on our words. We don’t think about our facial expressions or body language. However, your listener is watching to see if your words match your non-verbal communication.  

  3. Men interrupt women three times more often than women interrupt men. It’s a behavior that starts in school and continues in the workplace.

  4. The fear of public speaking is glossophobia. Some data suggests it can affect up to 75% of people. Public speaking skills have an impact on a person’s career, from leadership abilities to career advancement.

  5. Are you really listening when someone is speaking? Our brain can think at a speed of 3,000 words a minute. But we can only listen at a speed of 100 to 125 words a minute.  

  6. Active listening skills create stronger relationships at work. Active listening means showing that you understand the speaker by repeating what they said and using non-verbal cues such as nodding.

  7. People with exceptional communication skills also tend to be strong leaders who create trust with their team members. These people are valuable to their company because they can teach others how to be better communicators.

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