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Challenge: Improve Your Vocabulary

Do you find yourself occasionally Google searching a word because you couldn’t remember whether it could be used the way that you’re thinking?

You might have heard that constant learning keeps you young. Learning new vocabulary or refreshing yourself on the use of some old ones is always great for exercising your brain.

What are some ways to learn new vocabulary to keep your mind sharp?

One way is to subscribe to journals or blogs related to your profession or topics that you have an interest in. Often you’ll run into new concepts or terminology. If the meaning of the word is not in the article, you can search for it online. Or you can bookmark industry-specific dictionaries that will give you the meaning of a word in the context of the industry. For example, this dictionary defines legal terms.

If you’re keen to expand your vocabulary, this site explains the meaning of commonly confused words and how to use the words correctly. For example, this article defines the meaning of effectiveness versus efficacy versus efficiency. Even if you know the meaning of words such as ocean, sea, and coast, you may be interested in the specific distinctions in how they are used, according to cartographers and hydrographers.

Knowledge can be very empowering, even if you are expanding your knowledge one word at a time.

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