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Fascinating Facts about Jobs

Have you ever thought about a career change? You might have read an article about fascinating or unusual jobs from around the world and wondered what it would be like to have that role for a day. Here we’ve asked some questions and searched for opinions about jobs that deserve the title of most dangerous, most fun, most recent, and more.

Check out these jobs and comment if you agree with the choices of jobs for each category.

What is the oldest job in the world?

To find the oldest job in the world, we need to go way back to the earliest days when humans first appeared on the earth. People were mostly focused on survival, not entertainment or luxuries, such as telling stories or wearing beautiful clothes. From that perspective, hunting and gathering, and farming are considered the oldest jobs in the world.

What is the most dangerous job in the world?

A statistic from OSHA places fishing and hunting workers with the most dangerous jobs. They work under hazardous conditions, dying from drowning or injury from heavy machinery. Fishing and hunting workers set traps, reel in catches, and work on heavy machinery.

What are the weirdest jobs in the world?

Many jobs can be considered strange and unusual, so this category is somewhat subjective. One job suggested by Indeed as an unusual job is color specialist (or colorist). This person has the task of recommending colors for homes, buildings, brand logos, and hairstyles. A lot of psychology goes into their choices. They consider how various colors and color combinations affect how people behave. An example of a project for a color specialist is recommending color palettes for the interior design of rooms.

What are fun jobs that pay well?

Many questions, such as this one, can be subjective. What would you consider a “fun” job? Also, how much skill would be required to qualify for a “fun” job? The answer to this question included a range of fun jobs.

Moneywise listed astronaut as a fun job with good pay (over $144,000 with experience). As an astronaut, you could conduct scientific experiments while maintaining the space station. Being able to satisfy your curiosity by conducting experiments in space is an experience most people will only dream about.

According to Indeed, another fun job is video game designer. For this role, you will create and test computer and console games. You would need experience with coding languages, as well as working on instruction manuals. You may also need to troubleshoot errors in the game before releasing it to the public. If you don’t like designing games, you can apply for a role to test and play video games.

Using your imagination and bringing people to life can be a fun job. Character performers dress up as famous characters and perform for children at theme parks or private events. They act and speak just as the cartoon or story character would while they interact with children.

What is the creepiest job?

What job do you consider as scary? According to Business Insider, forensic pathologists have the distinction of being the creepiest job. They are death investigators, required to have a doctor of medicine degree and two years of fellowship under a forensic pathologist. When a death is determined to be mysterious, the forensic pathologist will investigate the cause and circumstances of the death, as well as other details of the death. Their average yearly income is about $150,000.

What is the most boring job in the world?

The distinction of “most boring job” depends on what qualities you consider boring and what you consider exciting. Jobs that received the “boring” label included project manager and technical writer. This was surprising, considering that project management can include some stress from hitting deadlines and managing challenging people. Technical writing can command a high income and provides writers with opportunities to learn about interesting topics, such as coding languages, finance, medicine, and robotics.

One job that CareerAddict named “boring” was dishwasher. People don’t wash dishes to attain a high income or improve their employability with in-demand skills. However, people will appreciate having a reliable job with pay, and employers appreciate a clean kitchen and dishes.

What is the highest-paid job in the world?

It is difficult to say which job is the highest paid in the world. Salaries change from year to year, and depending on who you ask, you get a different answer. One source names neurosurgeon as the highest paying job in the world at $496,00 a year. Another source states the salary as $382,000, which is a huge difference for the same profession.

No doubt neurosurgery requires a very high degree of skill and training to study and understand neuroscience. This type of surgeon treats disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system. Not an easy skill to master, considering that you need eight years of doctoral training, and an additional six to eight years of training in surgery followed by neurosurgery.

What is a job we have now that wasn’t around five years ago?

Social media is a common term for anyone with a smartphone or computer. Social media is now also a key way for businesses to promote their products and services. A job we have now that didn’t exist five years ago is a community manager.

According to TopUniversities, a community manager builds and maintains digital relationships between a company and its customers. This person works on the marketing team and has a key role in social media, public relations, events, and content creation.

Key Takeaways

What job would you consider the most fun? How about the most unusual? Or the most boring? Which job would you like to try for a day?

This list of fascinating facts about jobs most certainly doesn’t include every type of category out there, but hopefully, it has made you think about your career and whether you would like to try a different job or if you love your job so much you would never do anything else.

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