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Getting A Civilian Job After The Military

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Are you an ex-military looking to transition to a civilian career? If yes, then this article is for you. This article will look at the best way to transition into a civilian job without going through an incredible hassle. To know more about this topic, follow along as we unravel how you can make this transition no matter how hard it is.

People who have served in the military have additional skills that a civilian lack. They have discipline and experience that could hugely help society. Such characteristics attract some employers to prefer ex-military people to occupy vacancies in their organizations.

However, skill sets differ according to the department you served in, whether you were in the public or private sector or a federal employee. The experience and strengths vary accordingly hence making veterans be on-demand in the employment industry.

Which Military Jobs Can Transfer To Be Civilian Jobs?

Before attaining a civilian job, you can always start with a job that aligns with your enlisted job. You can then change the career later if you feel like branching into a different field. The skills acquired in the military can help you transition into a lot of positions in the future.

While in the Army, you learned "hard skills" in addition to the work ethic military characteristics, also known as "soft skills." You can use these hard skills to transition into a civilian job. For example, according to your MOS (military occupational specialty), you may have been trained in highly complex equipment like machinist mates, sonar technicians, or information technology, and many more disciplines. Such training can help you score great jobs in the civilian employment market.

Are you targeting to get fantastic jobs according to your previous skills, both soft and hard? You require a resume that brings them out. You can opt to write your resume or decide to use the best military resume writers to acquire a resume that fascinates your employer. They personalize your resume and ensure each skill is catered for and well expressed in your resume.

Does A Degree Boost Your Odds of Acquiring a Job as A Veteran?

An ex-military who has a degree has better chances of acquiring a job. For example, if you are looking for a career in the information technology sector, your skills might get you into the door. Most job requirements include a degree as one of the primary needs to attain the job. Hence, if you have a degree, then you broaden your chances of getting a job. The degree also helps you advance and get promotions later on.

There are, however, courses that veterans pursue while still in service. They mainly depend on ranks. Such courses do count. Ensure you indicate them in your resume. If you are using online help to ensure your resume is written to perfection, you can attach information about this degree to enable the resume writer to incorporate it into your resume.

Resources That Could Help Post-Military Men And Women Acquire Jobs

There are a couple of governmental and private programs which help veterans obtain jobs as civilians. However, you could also use the following resources to acquire a job faster:

College Advisor

College advisors are a great place to start in your civilian job transition process. They can offer guidance on:

● Interview skills

● Career guidance

● Writing a resume

● Career development

● Writing your cover letter

College advisors' goal is to provide all the resources you require to get a job. For example, if you have experience in the information technology sector, they will guide you on transitioning into the IT sector. They also help you look into other job opportunities outside of your degree scope and advance in your career.

Talent Recruiters

There exist many organizations that large firms outsource to acquire employees with specific talents. Most of the time, firms specifically require ex-military due to their added abilities.

Hence, you can be on the lookout for such organizations; they could help you out in your quest.

Online Resources

There is a lot of information posted on a daily basis about job vacancies and their specifications. It is possible to identify one posted vacancy that fits your requirements.

You can also acquire military resume writer’s assistance online. The next time you are browsing, remember to search for such information.


Networking requires teamwork skills which servicemen have. You can use this skill to acquire knowledge on which organizations are hiring and which job opportunities are likely to come up.

Start with your family members, then move to your friends and colleagues. The more people you interact with, the more information you will get.

For this to work, you require to have all of your online accounts in superb shape. Remember, after your friends and family refer you, your potential employer will probably go through your online accounts.

Jobs You Can Get as a Post-military

The best post-military jobs to acquire are jobs you feel can fulfill your passion and interest. However, you can transition into civilian jobs by applying for a government job. You can use college advisors or Military employer relations partner to help you find openings in the following opportunities:

Defense contractor

Having a military background means that you have fantastic experience in security issues and handling fire armor. Therefore, defense contractors will be eager to work with you as they know the skills you bring to the table are impeccable.

Department of Homeland Security

The government has many avenues that cater to homeland security-related careers. Jobs in this department include special investigator, airport security, border security, and much more.

From law enforcement and emergency management to infrastructure protection and intelligence analysis, you can find homeland security jobs on local, state, and federal levels.


Organizations worldwide are looking for ex-military to hire for them to handle issues regarding logistics. The discipline acquired in the military assures employers that you can take on and handle any logistics matter. Some of the jobs available in this department include managing warehouses owned by big firms.


Transitioning from the military to a civilian job can be a hard hassle for many ex-military. It requires a lot of courage and determination, but the fact is that it is not impossible. Many ex-military have successful careers, and so can you. All you require to do is follow all the tips provided in this article and watch your career grow.



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