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How Has Technology Changed Your Job?

Updated: Apr 12

Remote work has made it possible to work anywhere, anytime. This work setup is perfect for those who enjoy a flexible work schedule, instead of a rigid 9 to 5 with a set lunch break. You experience fewer distractions and can work when you’re most alert. Technology is one of the main reasons my job has evolved to where it is today. Here are some of the ways technology has changed my career.

1. Increased productivity

One of the best benefits of remote work is the elimination of the daily commute. I can start my day relaxed, checking work messages over morning tea. This uninterrupted focus allows me to dive into tasks without distractions, boosting my productivity. Additionally, the flexibility of remote work enables me to do other things during breaks, whether attending to household chores or brainstorming project ideas while preparing lunch.

2. Maximized work time

Technology has revolutionized how we conduct meetings. I can attend scheduled or impromptu meetings with the click of a button. I don’t need to gather my papers to walk to another room or floor in the office building. If I need feedback on a document I am working on, I can send the document via email or messaging app to a colleague or colleague.

3. Coordinating work schedules

Technology makes coordinating work schedules across different time zones easier. We can use apps and electronic calendars to share our availability, including vacation times, office hours, and times when we are out of the office for a couple of hours a day.

4. Efficient file management

Cloud-based platforms like Google Docs have made it easy to collaborate on documents and to share files. Version control of documents makes it easier to keep a history of changes made to a document. It is also easy to track comments made by team members and organize files in a cloud-based system.

5. Enhanced communication

We have a wide range of technology to communicate with each other, from emails to phone calls. Other examples include apps such as Slack, ClickUp, Notion, and to send typed messages, voice messages, and files to each other. We can also communicate about specific stages of projects.

6. Advanced writing tools

Grammar checkers and AI-powered writing assistants have transformed the writing process, offering feedback and suggestions. While these tools enhance accuracy and efficiency, they don’t yet replace human expertise. They are excellent helpers and a second set of eyes on writing projects.

Key Takeaways:

Technology has been vital in making my current work setup possible. Remote technology has helped individuals and teams in the digital world with productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.  

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