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How to change the world: if you could be somebody else for a day

Let’s dive into the realm of sci-fiction and fantasy! We’ll have a little fun with it and change the world. Really! If I could be somebody else for a day, I would switch places with my mentor and use his influence to effect some changes. Now, what mischief would I be up to? Let me explain.

Daily writing prompt

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?

To start, here’s some context on my mentor: without it, it is hard to see why I’m not following in his footsteps. He was my business mentor, and he owned a lot of fancy real estate: a condo with a beautiful view and a house with all the toys he collected. For example, luxury cars, movie collectibles that cost $500 to $5000, $15,000 purses for his wife, and a very large fish tank–the size you see in restaurants and hotels.

If I switched places with him for a day, I would find myself in a house with a courtyard and two full-size kitchens. I would have a personal chef, which is great for someone like me who doesn’t like to cook fancy meals. But also for me, it’s too much luxury in these tough times. I’m not living in this house for a year, just for twenty-four hours.

So in that time, I want to exert some maximum clout. Here it is. I’d hop onto his social media channels with his millions of followers. (They don’t know that he’s not himself today.) I’d stream live and spread my message. It’s not his standard message of I’m rich and successful; learn from me and you’ll be successful too.

I’ll change things. I’d like to use my mentor’s social media channels to tell his followers to do something nice for someone, something small like holding open a door. Or something big like donating money to a charity, or volunteering at an organization.

Imagine how wide that message would spread if each of those millions of people did something nice and the recipient of that kindness paid it forward. That’s double a million nice acts. And poof, after midnight when I’m me again and my mentor is himself again, that message will still be out there, making the world a better place. It won’t solve the bigger problems, but maybe a small act of kindness will bring a little smile to someone’s day.

Note: The apple in the picture is a nod to teachers mentoring the next generation – paying something forward.

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