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How to Create Irresistible Offers

Some people lose all willpower when they see yummy chocolates. Others stop working when tempted by a cat video or postpone housework to watch an adventure movie. Every day, everywhere, we are tempted by irresistible offers.

What makes an irresistible offer so difficult to refuse? Simple. It solves a problem or pain point. Each moment, we face another choice: Do another hour of boring work or break for a minute to watch an Instagram reel. Clean all the rooms or escape in an adventure movie. The choice is easy and the reward is worth it.

From a business point of view, creating that tempting offer is the key to getting customers and long-term clients. The solution could be products at the right price point, an enjoyable experience, or a worthwhile service. We’ll focus on the three best ways to create an irresistible offer.

Solving a Pain Point at the Right Price Point

It’s easy to offer a quick solution to a problem at the right price with everyday items. Are you hungry? Go have some fast food. You’re hungry, and you need food now. Need some bread, milk, and eggs? Buy some. You need groceries, and you need to eat to live.

With other purchases, it may be harder to get the sale. For example, delivery is convenient, but pick-up saves money. A new pair of shoes would be nice since the old pair is falling apart – but waiting for a sale can save a few bucks.

As the price point goes up, it can become more challenging. For example, hiring a cleaning service might take a chunk out of the budget, but it will mean more time to spend with the family. Similarly, a new business owner may be reluctant to hire a virtual assistant or accountant, but working non-stop to be a jack-of-all-trades could be bad for one’s health.

The important thing is to offer a product or service that a customer sees as worth parting with their money. For example, satisfaction from a great meal at a restaurant. Lots of laughter after a day at the theme park. Smiles and selfies after a great haircut.

A positive experience for customers is key when providing a service. Often high prices go hand in hand with great service or an experience customers can’t go without.

An Experience One Can’t Refuse

If you want to feel like royalty, having a meal at a five-star restaurant is one solution. It’s not just about delicious food; it’s about the experience of being in a posh environment and feeling special for the day.

Whether you can afford five-star restaurant meals daily or just once a birthday, you can live the life of luxury for that meal. You start by dressing up. You go to a pricier part of town where parking is twice as costly, and menus have higher prices, and find yourself seated at a table in a place with fancy decor.

The server pours you a glass of wine (and refills it from the bottle – you don’t serve yourself), and you order $100+ seafood appetizers served in a tower. When you look over, you see the open kitchen where the food is being prepared, and enjoy entrees that are $40 to $100 each.

Similarly, a visit to a theme park is about adventure, time with friends and family, and memories. The price of parking, the entry ticket, and the food can be shocking. But despite the cost, people still go because the fun and the experience is worth it.

You pay for the framed photo to capture a moment at a ride, or pay for souvenirs to remind yourself that “you were there”. You experience the day once, and then the day is gone, but the pictures are what you get to keep.

Create an experience that customers cannot refuse. Treat someone like royalty for an hour with a massage or with an expensive meal and live music. These are the irresistible offers that people desire.

An Irresistible, Exclusive Offer

Raising the price tag can create exclusivity, but money can’t buy everything. In some cases, your ability to get in on a special offer is what makes the opportunity so irresistible.

For example, an offer is available only to VIP members or those with a “platinum-level” membership. How worthwhile are those offers? Only those who have the membership will be able to tell you!

In most cases, a willingness to pay more money gives you that special experience. At the theatre, paying double for the ticket gives you access to a special area for adults only. You get a recliner seat with headrest, a swivel table, and access to food and drinks (including alcohol) that you can consume in the dark during the movie.

Another type of luxury experience is one that seems to go against logic.

An example of how money can’t buy you everything is the experience of buying an Hermes bag at an Hermes store. Whether you’re a millionaire or billionaire, you need to know the Hermes culture to get a bag.

First, you have to know the lingo. You can’t just walk into a store and say that you’re there to buy an Hermes bag. You need to buy Hermes products, such as a scarf, a belt, or jewelry. Having a purchasing history of spending several thousand in their store in the past helps. It also helps to build a relationship with a sales agent. The sales agent can tell you about the bags they have in the store.

When it’s your time to buy a handbag, you are taken into a private room and shown one or (if you’re lucky) a few Birkin bags while enjoying a glass of champagne. The bags may not be the size or color you had in mind, but if you decide not to buy, going to the store again won’t increase your chances of getting the bag of your choice. Either you buy the bag that you’re shown, or you don’t.

It’s a different approach to selling luxury items. Even if you can afford to spend more than $10,000 for one Birkin bag, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get what you want. The seller has control.

The key to these exclusive experiences, whether they cost $50 at the VIP theatre, or $10,000 at the store, is providing a product or service that makes the customer feel great about the experience.

Key Takeaways

Tempting offers abound. Ice cream on a hot day. Tickets to see your favorite musician. An irresistible offer brings customers and clients. These offers could be products at the right price point, an enjoyable experience, or a worthwhile service. The irresistible offer is one that customers cannot go without.

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