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How to Get Hired by Adding Value

Recently, people have been losing jobs by the thousands, so the competition you face for getting a job is fierce. How can you stand out and become the first choice with a potential employer or client? If you want to get hired for the long term, start by adding value.

Networking and Relationship Building that Adds Value

First, build a relationship for the long term by networking and getting to know what other people do. If you haven’t done this already, create a LinkedIn profile that describes what you do, your industry and niche, and what type of work you are looking for. Then join LinkedIn groups for similar industries, like and comment on people’s posts, and add advice or information that people in the group will find interesting.

Join local business groups and attend their Zoom meetings to find out what is trending in business and to build connections. Become a connector by suggesting possible clients and connections for group members. Add value by providing feedback and suggestions for their business ideas. People will get to know you more and will recommend you to their connections when work opportunities arise.

Giving Value to Businesses to Create Business

After you’ve created some connections online or in person, continue to build on those connections by adding value. Arrange a coffee or virtual meeting with your connection once in a while to talk about what you’re both doing. Are either of you taking courses, working on building a new skill, or changing direction in your career?

Show support for each other by listening and by offering what you can to help your connection with what they are doing. For example, suggesting videos that teach more about a specific topic, recommending someone that could be a great resource such as a consultant or advisor, or offering to help out with a new business venture.

Getting Hired by Making Your Value Known

When you build relationships and help out your connections, people will get to know you and what it is that you offer. You will be top of mind when they hear about a job opportunity or client that needs someone with your skill set.

These connections will have come to trust you and they will want to return the favour whenever they can. They will remember how you were there for them when they needed advice or when they asked for your opinion on a new endeavor. This level of trust is more valuable than any type of advertising.

Recently, a long-time connection of mine reached out for some writing services. She said I was the first person to come to mind when she needed a writer for her latest business venture. I had previously been there for her as a sounding board for other business ideas and I had helped to promote her business on LinkedIn.

Creating and strengthening your connections is important.


Getting hired the traditional way is a lot tougher when you have much competition. You’re a name in a long list of candidates. However, if you invest the time to build professional connections, and you’re adding value to them over time, you will be a top choice when they are looking to hire someone they trust.

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