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Humor and Horror: Workplace Typos We Wish We Could Take Back

If you communicate with other humans by typing messages, you’ve probably experienced this horrifying moment. For me, it was swearing at my dad when my fat fingers switched two letters on my phone and instead of typing “ok,” I typed a swear word. Also when I emailed my favorite author and said, “I’m a writer too!” and signed the email with “Thanks you.” When these mistakes happen at work, it can be worse (or just as bad). And we’re not alone.

Here is a collection of typos that I found circulating on the internet. They appear in different types of media, from internet searches to videos to websites. For this reason, I am unable to track down or credit the original owner. If you are the owner or know the owner, let me know! I could relate to these typos, and I hope that you will too.

Imagine having a terrible workday when your computer asks if you want to exist. In a world where AI is everywhere, I can’t help but wonder if some artificial being wants to take over my job. Or my life.

For those who design programs, this message reminds them of the importance of doing a final QA to check for typos before releasing a program to the public.

This warm message is both heartwarming and memorable for teachers. The students are showing appreciation for what their teacher taught them, such as spelling and vocabulary. It is also a reminder that sometimes, students are eager to apply what they’ve learned, but they still have more to learn.

These labels are all spelled differently. As an editor, I can relate to this. I’ve been aghast to find the chapters in books are not the same, such as using a different format from one chapter to the next. Sometimes, you just don’t realize there’s a problem until you compare everything side by side.

If you’ve ever ordered several copies of something, such as a company brochure or a business card, and only noticed the typo after several copies were made, you will appreciate this sale-priced item.

Sometimes, a typo can show a lot of resilience and pass through several sets of eyes and stages of approval. Sometimes, you just need to appreciate their tenacity.

This isn’t quite a typo but I wanted to share this one. Something got lost in translation but this translation sure is sweet. I would love to experience what tiny grass dreaming is like. It sounds fun. It is better than the original language, which says that tiny grass is resting… do not disturb. Sweet dreams!

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