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In Search of the Perfect Career

Do you ever wonder if you’re working in the career that you were meant for? When I came across a series of career and job-related quizzes, I couldn’t help but try them out. “Was there an alternate career that I was better suited for?” I wondered.

The first quiz I tried was “What Career Are You Meant For?” You can try it yourself if you have a few minutes. After a series of multiple-choice questions, the quiz decided I was best suited for a writing career. It’s accurate enough. I’m a technical writer.

Another quiz I decided to try was “Answer These Yes Or No Questions And We’ll Guess What Your Job Is.” After a few minutes and several multiple-choice questions, the quiz did NOT guess my occupation. I don’t even work in the fitness industry!

Would you try these career quizzes? If you do, let me know how accurate they are!

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