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Is the No-Interview Hiring Model Changing Talent Acquisition

Both interviewers and interviewees dread job interviews. Interviewers can spend hours reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and checking references, only to find that none of the hundreds of applicants is the right fit. Interviewees can send out hundreds of resumes and receive zero responses or get a handful of interviews and still be jobless at the end of the month.

It’s an exhausting process for companies that hire for several jobs on an ongoing basis. How many hundreds of candidates do they need to interview to find a handful with the job skills they are looking for?

The no-interview hiring model is changing the talent acquisition process.

The no-interview hiring model allows companies to hire many candidates for many positions in a short amount of time. Also, with this approach, companies are assured that candidates have the skills required for the job.

Skills-based assessments using artificial intelligence (AI) eliminate the need for interviewing multiple candidates for multiple jobs. It also reduces the costs of lengthy hiring processes. With computerized testing, companies can test if candidates have the communication skills and job skills needed through computerized testing.

Candidates will save the time spent on cover letters and resumes, and preparing for job interviews. After writing an assessment, they will receive their assessment score and immediate feedback about whether or not they are hired for the job.

The no-interview hiring model will change how companies will hire for multiple jobs in industries such as customer service in 2023. More about the no-interview hiring model is detailed in this article.

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