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Mindset Motivation: A Necessary Day Off

Business owners need a break. Sometimes it’s hard for owners to tear themselves away from their business. But if they don’t, they miss out on one of the best things about summer: nature.

Community Garden

Going for a walk outdoors recharges your inner battery and improves your mindset. Fresh air and flowers give you the energy to face whatever challenges lie ahead. It can be a fun game to see how many vegetables and flowers you can identify. And it is delicious when you can handpick the ingredients for your salad.

Flowers add color.

You may encounter a surprise, such as this flower. Someone added color by placing bright orange and yellow flowers in the garden. Some of the flowers in the garden were real. Others were fabric. Both types were like several small suns.

Apples near the garden path.

This tree is like a glimpse into the future. The apples are still green, but they will be ripe and ready in autumn. Before the fall, we should take the time to enjoy nature. Take a moment to catch our breath and recharge before we return to work.

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