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Remote Work and Office Humor

This time of year, one of two things happens: work slows down as people prepare for the holidays, or work speeds up as people cram in projects before it’s time to leave work for the holidays.

Recently, it’s been incredibly busy for me, so I think a good laugh about work is overdue. Humor helps the time pass more quickly as we count down the days until the holiday break.

Here is some random humor that I was sent recently. Please credit these jokes if you know who created them.

Ten Random Jokes to Make Your Workday

  1. My memory has gotten so bad it has actually caused me to lose my job. I’m still employed, I just can’t remember where.

  2. How do you make an employee smile at work? Compliment their work.

  3. Why did the scarecrow get promoted? Because he was outstanding in his field!

  4. During a business meeting yesterday, someone asked me about my background. So I told him about my education, career, family, hopes and dreams. Turns out he was asking about what was behind me on our Zoom call.

  5. The new “Reply All” button is unmuting your mic during a Zoom call.

  6. My favorite conference call game is “Guess the Background Noise.”

  7. Why did the pen get promoted at work? It had the write skills.

  8. Why did the employee bring a map to work? To navigate through the workday.

  9. What makes a spider such a good computer programmer? It knows all about the web.

  10. How do you make a manager laugh during a meeting? Tell them you finished all your work early.

And one more….

  1. Working from home is all fun and games until your chair and bed start merging into one.

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