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Scary and Creepy Jobs: Want to Try?

It’s that time of year when it’s normal to switch identities by wearing masks and dressing up in costumes. Some people become superheroes, movie and book characters, robots, monsters, or people from various professions.

So, in keeping with this frightful time of year, let’s take a closer look at some scary and creepy jobs. Would you want to try any of these jobs for a day? Have you ever dressed up as one of these professions for Halloween?

Bomb technician

The job is highly stressful and you need to be level headed or you could have a really bad day and not make it home. The job includes deactivating explosives, explosive devices, and explosive chemicals.

High-rise window washer

This job isn’t for those who are afraid of heights. You’re responsible for cleaning the windows of tall skyscrapers that are several storeys high. When you look down, it can be a long way down.


Miners work in dark and damp settings in confined spaces if they work underground and face exposure to weather conditions if they work above ground. They work long days, doing repetitive and backbreaking labor. The work is definitely not for those who are afraid of possible cave-ins, explosions, or toxic air.

Clinical trial subject

Participants who are part of a clinical trial have the opportunity to experience an experimental drug, surgical procedure, or medical device. Because a drug is part of a clinical trial, there is less information about the safety and risk of the drug. The treatment may not be effective. Or the test subjects could have mild to severe side effects.

Crab fisherman

Crab fishermen face freezing, icy, weather conditions, strong waves that can cause heavy crab pots to slide or fall on the deck and cause injuries to the crew, or drowning or hypothermia from falling overboard or the boat capsizing. The US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that mortality rates are “26 times higher (80%) than those of the average worker.”

Psychiatric ward attendant/psychiatric aide

Psychiatric ward attendants assist those in psychiatric wards with daily needs, such as serving meals, grooming, and administering medication. Risks of the job include effects on mental health from exposure to aggressive behavior or violence from patients on a regular basis, and possibly physical harm from the patients.

Crime scene cleaner

Crime scene cleaners clean up and sanitize the area where a crime, suicide, or accident has occurred. They may encounter blood, body fluids, broken glass, or needles. If you don’t wear the correct personal protective equipment, you risk contracting a disease.

Forensic entomologist

An entomologist is considered one of the creepiest jobs. On the downside, entomologists identify maggots collected from corpses. They must be comfortable getting dirty. They go to crime scenes to collect bug specimens to determine the cause of death or go out at night to study the behavior of moths.


Morticians plan and manage tasks related to upcoming funerals. For this job, you will be handling corpses and risking infection or disease if you disregard safety training. You are around death on a regular basis, hearing stories about death and loss. This environment can be emotionally draining.

Security guards

Depending on the type of work, the job can be low risk to high risk. It can be physically demanding if giving chase or dealing with rowdy crowds. In extreme cases, there can be injury or death. As an extra note, in horror movies, they are one of the first to meet the bad guy, and depending on the type of movie, the antagonist can be a crazy person, zombie, or supernatural entity.

Which of these jobs would you want to try? Are there any scary or creepy jobs that you would like to add to this list?

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