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Skills Insight of the Day #10 Job Opportunity Beware

During the pandemic, many people are looking for “work from home opportunities” and starting a “side business” as ways to make an income. Unfortunately, many MLM (multi-level marketing) and networking marketing companies right now are using these same terms to entice new recruits to join them.

Their selling point is appealing at a time when thousands of people are losing their jobs and people are being encouraged to stay at home.

For example, you may read about a sales opportunity that is commission based, with opportunities for advancement into management positions. You get to work at your own schedule and training is provided. Then you send in your resume, get invited for what you think is a job interview at an insurance company, and then you discover you’re being invited into an MLM.

It sounds like a dream to “be your own boss” and work at “your own schedule” and “no experience is necessary” because training “will be provided.” But what they don’t tell you is that many associates make it through training at these sales jobs, which aren’t paid, and barely make enough in commissions to replace a livable, full-time salary.

There are associates who do make five and six figure salaries from their commissions. They are the ones celebrated at company awards ceremonies. However, for every one of these superstars, there are ten trainees who graduate, make it out in the field selling a product such as insurance, and then fade away, never to be seen again at a team meeting.

If you’re actively job searching at the moment, be aware of these types of “job opportunities.” Understand the lingo, and answer the ad if you’re sure you can become one of those sales superstars.

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