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Skills Insight of the Day #3 – Marketing

Experiential retail is a form of marketing that’s a little different from the traditional approach of just browsing through merchandise.

This approach involves an immersive experience. It involves your emotions. Some examples:

  1. Interactive museums where you can interact with the exhibits and post for photographs. Posting your photographs on your social media is encouraged.

  2. Bookstores where you can sip a cup of coffee, read a book or attend an author talk.

  3. Cosmetics stores where you can try out bath bombs, soap and shampoo right in the store.

  4. Sports and athletic wear stores where you can try out athletic wear or equipment at the in-store trial space (such as a basketball court) or get an autograph from a top athlete.

Experiential retail was the new trend. However, with the social restrictions from the pandemic, what will happen to this form of marketing? Will the experience be the same if you virtually try out a product from your own home? What do you think?

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