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Supporting Veterans' Transition to Civilian Work

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

There are a number of reasons Why Veterans Make Good Employees (Handout). Veterans bring diverse experiences, a variety of skills, and their military training to the civilian workplace. In fact, many Veterans report Positive Outcomes of Military Service (Handout).

Once you've hired a Veteran, you may be wondering what you can do as an employer, manager or supervisor, or human resource professional to support Veterans in your workplace. Here are some suggestions:

Want to know how to use management styles similar to the military training model to help improve or maintain a Veteran employee's job performance?

Read our Improving Job Performance Using the Military Training Model (Handout) for suggestions for using a straightforward approach similar to that used in the military, such as identifying mission objectives and setting clear standards for evaluation.

Looking for free courses on various aspects of being an employer of Veterans?

Check out the many courses offered by PsychArmor. Courses include how and why to create a Veteran hiring program, building a Veteran employee resource group, how to create a military spouse hiring program, and military leadership training.

If your company or organization utilizes other practices to support Veterans in the workplace and to increase their work success, please contact us!


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