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The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your Home Office

At first, it seemed like he was attending the Zoom meeting from an exotic tropic location. The window to his office was wide open, the palm trees behind him swaying to the breeze and his curtains brushing against him where he sat at his desk.

Technology has become so advanced that you don’t need fancy office furniture to work from home. You need a solid computer to work remotely and a reliable internet connection. Those are the bare minimum.

These days, even if you can’t afford to work from anywhere in the world of remote work, you can at least look like you can afford to work from anywhere. And you can upgrade your office anytime using the latest features of virtual meetings.

Back to the office worker working in the tropics. Virtual backgrounds have become so advanced now that the background has movement and sound. It’s harder now to separate you from the virtual background behind you. Curtains can sway forward so close they seem to touch your arm, appearing as if you truly are in the fake room.

The key to the illusion, however, is to move as little as possible. Movement destroys the fantasy. When you move quickly, people can almost see the real background behind you because technology can’t compensate fast enough. (So sit still while others admire your fantastic office location.)

Virtual backgrounds are the new way to upgrade the furniture in your home office. Your computer and internet are necessary for remote work, but you can decide how much you want to “spend” on your office furniture and the building itself. Do you want to be located in an open office space in a building? Hold a meeting in your glass condo with a view? Sit in a coffee shop full of people? The choices are limitless.

However, life gets interesting when you always have virtual meetings from the same polished, immaculate home office, and one day you’re too lazy to turn on your background. You reveal your actual home office backdrop: a messy kitchen with items strewn all over the counter and your fancy desk is the kitchen table. The contrast from your usual setup can be jarring and revealing. (Maybe too revealing.)

Welcome to the modern world of remote work and virtual backgrounds. The magic of technology can save you money. You can really “dress to impress” by finding the perfect work location for yourself.

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