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The Power Of Words


If you had the power to save your friend’s life, what would you do to change their fortune?

Writers have the power to change lives with the use of words. A simple message like “It’s over” can break a person’s heart. Words like “I love you” can bring sunshine and everlasting warmth. Writing compliments and praises can raise another person and elevate their value.

One spider knew the influence of words.

If you’ve read Charlotte’s Web, you’ll know on one level, it’s a children’s story, talking about the cycle of life.

On another level, it’s a story about growing up and losing magic when a child can no longer understand animal speak.

What is truly amazing is one spider’s ability to use words to save the life of a friend. What would you do to change another person’s fortune?

“It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.” – E.B. White

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