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To Work or Not to Work Over the Holidays If You Have an Office Job

Do you plan to work during the holidays? If you have an office job, you’ve heard about coworkers taking time off to spend with family and relax. Big projects are winding down or postponed to next year. Clients aren’t booking meetings and have automatic email messages.

How about you? Are you one of those who are taking time off for the holidays? Or will you be working throughout the last two weeks of December?

Many don’t take time off for different reasons. Some decide not to take time off because of their workload. Taking time off will put them further behind in January.

If you work from home, it’s easier to keep working when many are on holiday. You’re not walking into a half-empty office and getting spooked when you hear noises when you know that you’re the only person in the immediate area. Working from home pre- and post-December is like any other work day.

Working during the holidays is a great time to get caught up and get ahead. You’re not flooded with constant emails and DM notifications. Your calendar isn’t filled with meetings. Last-minute projects aren’t being piled on your desk. You can finish up the old ones without playing catch-up to start a new year.

It’s also great for mental and physical health to avoid working during the holidays. You can get caught up on sleep and spend more time with friends and family. If you dislike your job or your workplace, the holidays are a great time to recharge and get away from a strict schedule of meetings, deadlines, and 9 to 5. A break from battling rush-hour traffic.

If you have an office job, what are your plans for the holidays? Do you plan to work or take time off?

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