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What’s more important: Time or Money?

In life, there are two important currencies: time and money. Sadly, we can’t have both, although ideally, we would want both. How do we prioritize which one is more important? One is a finite resource while the other is not. Which would you choose to have in unlimited quantities: time or money?

Daily writing prompt

What do you wish you could do more every day?

Each day, we wake up with the same twenty-four hours. How we spend it is up to us. We have routine activities, like eating, brushing our teeth, and showering. We have mandatory activities like going to work and paying our bills (and eating). And we have enjoyable activities, like spending time with people we care about, working on hobbies, or visiting places.

Some of us have to prioritize money in our twenty-four hours. We need it to live. Without it, we can’t buy food or pay for shelter. This can mean working at a job we hate or working two jobs just to exist. It might not be the life we want.

Some of us can equally enjoy money and time. We work the hours we need to pay our expenses, and then we spend weekends relaxing or going out. We can afford to spend money and time on experiences by exploring our hometown or going on trips. In our lifetime, this is what we remember: experiences, if we have the time for them.

If we prioritize time, we find ways to enjoy life, like fixing up our backyard so it is a great place to invite friends over for a barbecue. We can set up a home theatre. Our income is spent on experiences. We can stay home and spend time cooking healthy meals in our kitchen. Buy new tech so we can enjoy the latest computer games.

For those who have money in abundance, time is also in abundance. We can pay someone to do the things we dislike, such as chores and housework. The time we gain from not having to do the mundane aspects of daily living is now available for relaxing and enjoying life.

Money is something we can lose and gain back. We spend it, we work again, and get it back.

Time is finite. We only get to experience a particular day once, and when the sun sets on that day, we never see that day again. We have only one chance to experience that day in our lifetime and there is no rewind button.

So what do you wish you could do more of every day? I think it depends on where you are in life. You may want to work more so you can afford what you want. You may want to spend more time with friends and family. Or you might want more time to spend on that vacation you’ve always dreamed about.

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