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Where to reduce clutter in your life? 3 Tips for a More Stress-Free Life

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Where can you reduce clutter in your life?

Trash is treasure – you’ve heard that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. So how do you decide what to remove and what to keep? We can reduce clutter in every aspect and place of our lives, from objects that get in the way to thoughts and people that take up unnecessary space.

For certain, if you reduced the clutter in your life, you would have a more stress-free life. So here are three tips on how to get started on removing some of that weight from your day-to-day living.

Tip 1: Define your clutter and gain some space

Some people like a messy workspace because it boosts creative thinking. Or they keep objects because of the memories attached to them. Having a past and inspiration is a good thing. Or you might be the opposite and your desk is always organized and you’ll never find crumbs on your kitchen table. All your clothes and shoes are organized by color. Keeping pristine is also a good thing.

If you can find the things you need, like your house keys, or the TV remote, or that matching sock, you’re organized in your own way. As long as your life is not a hazard to your health, like that big stack of boxes in the hallway that might topple anytime and injure you. Or photos that evoke painful memories and affect your mental health. In that case, maybe it’s time to let things go.

No matter how you keep yourself organized, one rule to try is this: if you haven’t used that item before its expiry date, it’s time to toss it. This rule applies to old clothes and anything in your attic. If you haven’t used it in five years or you didn’t remember you had it, maybe it’s time to clear it out.

Reducing clutter is hard, but it can also be rewarding as you gain space in your home, and you feel lighter because you’ve gotten rid of memories that weigh you down.

Tip 2: Remove clutter that restricts growth

Clutter can restrict your growth. You can trap yourself in your past. Just because you dressed a certain way for years doesn’t mean you have to have the same look or style tomorrow. Changing things up can refresh your life, especially if you’re feeling like you’re spinning in a rut. Time to rearrange furniture, get rid of extra belongings, and create a new phase in your existence.

It’s time to rid yourself of the clutter in your brain: toxic thoughts like imposter syndrome. Whose thoughts are living rent-free in your head? A co-worker who keeps saying you’ll never get the promotion? A relative who keeps asking you when you’ll accomplish something in your life?

Remove the mental clutter by setting small goals. If there’s a big project looming in your life, start with something small, like setting up the files for the project. It’s a small achievement, but you’re one step further ahead than yesterday. Complete big projects by finishing smaller tasks a bit at a time and the big project won’t be so impossible. It’s one way to slowly remove the mental clutter caused by negative thoughts.

Tip 3: Remove toxic people

People can be clutter too. Toxic coworkers or a toxic boss won’t help with your career. Make an escape plan. Sometimes you just need to quit right away, other times your financial situation requires you to be patient while you search for another job.

Spend less time with toxic family members. Reconsider toxic friendships. Crabs in a bucket will pull at each other and keep each other down. Escape may not be easy. Make new friends, and build a new network to offset the toxic one. These new connections can also help to find a new job, lift you up by being there for you, or give you advice on how to change your life.

Key Takeaways

You can reduce the clutter in your life in several ways. By reducing clutter in your home or workspace, you’ll reorganize and refresh your surroundings. By assessing your mental load and your relationships, and reducing negativity, you’ll open doors to improved relationships and connections, and positive thinking.

What do you do to reduce the clutter in your life?

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