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Why Do I Need To Add Transferable Skills To My Resume?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

What Are Transferable Skills? This is something I have been telling people to list on their resumes, particularly if they do not match up as well as they should to a role they are applying to. Nobody wants to add this to their resumes for some reason and it could be the difference between getting an interview or not! This is very important for the veteran community whether you are transitioning out or are currently in the civilian workforce.

Here is a short definition of what Transferable Skills Are: ( I got this from an Indeed Career Guide and a video is included

Transferable skills are any skills you possess that are useful to employers across various jobs and industries. These might include skills like adaptability, organization, teamwork, or other qualities employers seek in strong candidates. Transferable skills can be used to position your past experience when applying for a new job—especially if it’s in a different industry.

For example, employers often look for candidates with strong communication skills. If you’ve developed the ability to easily share information to and from colleagues, you can apply them in any workplace.

Lastly, before you apply for a job make sure you have several of the keywords on your resume that you find on the job description. You can easily do a CTRL F (find) and enter the keywords to see what you have or don't have.

Also being interested in a job and being qualified are two different things obviously. You would be surprised how many people apply for roles they have no business applying to. You are wasting your time and everyone else that is involved in the screening process of resumes.

Your resume is your calling card, the golden key to unlock that door to moving forward in the hiring process to get an interview with a hiring manager. Make sure it is all squared away so you are laser-focused on the job description and if you actually fit the preferred skills listed.

I hope this helps everyone in their journey to reach the end goal!

Keith Hannaleck-PVTW Founder


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