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Would you work outside or inside?

When it’s sunny and warm out, would you rather be outside or inside?

It’s summer and I’ve seen photos of people sitting in lounge chairs next to the pool, relaxing while typing on their laptops. It looks fun, but I don’t think I could do it. I would be one of those people who would flip my laptop onto the concrete floor while reaching for my ice-cold drink.

It’s nice to have a change of scenery if you’re like me and you work indoors at a desk. I was at the park, enjoying the view, when I noticed how much time was put into the care of the flowers and how evenly spaced they were (because that’s what you notice if you’re a copyeditor and you’re always checking the organization of sentences). 

I searched for brides in the garden since it was a sunny day and it was a popular photo spot. A day like this is wonderful for photographers. Colorful flowers, photo spots, and weather that’s warm but slightly overcast so your subjects aren’t squinting in pictures.

This weather is perfect for gardeners. Sunny and dry. I’ve seen gardeners working outdoors in the pouring rain, mowing the soaked grass, or using a leafblower to push damp leaves. I would never do any yardwork in the rain, but it’s different when it’s your job. When it’s a warm and sunny day, it’s good to be outside.

What would you do when the weather is nice out?

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