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Yummy Benefits of Remote Work and Travel

One of the very best benefits of remote work is saving time commuting to and from work daily. The tradeoff is one big in-person meeting once a year so you can interact off screen. It’s an opportunity to socialize without checking what time your virtual meeting ends. Kind of like the yearly Christmas party, but better, because you stay in a nice hotel and (depending on how well-traveled you are) get to visit a new city.

The benefits don’t end there. You also have three meals a day – paid for at the company’s expense. The downside of this setup is it’s a little restrictive – you eat when it’s time to eat, and you eat where they’ve decided you’re eating. If you’re a free spirit, that can be a downer, but this is a great convenience if you like a well-planned life! The benefits of meals provided by the company only continue from there.

Benefit 1: Breakfast

If you’re always in a hurry in the morning, or you hate putting together a million items for a quick breakfast, then breakfast is your first bonus of the day. When you get to the meeting room, an assortment of pastries and fruit and a variety of tea is there to greet you. Coffee is just caffeinated or decaf (unless you run out to Starbucks first). When you’re done eating, you can leave your dishes around and they’ll magically disappear.

Benefit 2: Try new food recommendations

You’ll have opportunities to try new cuisine. If the style of cuisine is not something you’re familiar with, your coworkers will be eager to help with recommendations. You may also find yourself eating food that you should be familiar with, but it looks different, like a salad that you need to cut. How often do you eat your salad with a knife and fork? Always be ready to try something new!  

Benefit 3: Fine dining

If you haven’t experienced fine dining, you’ll have more tales to add to your life experience. A coworker said she chose risotto as her main dish because she didn’t know what to pick. She’d never experienced fine dining before. I recommended the sablefish or duck because I’d had sablefish several times at restaurants. Later, I realized this might have sounded like I was a regular at four and five-star restaurants. Oops. I’d forgotten to add that those experiences were all company dinners. 

Key Takeaways

Remote work can be isolating. You don’t see your coworkers during your regular workday. This routine changes when you travel for your yearly in-person team meeting, which is like a mini-vacation away from home. One of the highlights is the delicious food and the plentiful opportunities to try new dishes. This is definitely a perk of remote work for a company.

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