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3 Ways to Connect with People and Communicate Online

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In what ways do you communicate online?

Why communicate online? You may think it’s less personal than interacting with people face to face. True, you don’t get the same sense of what a person is like when you aren’t in the same room as them. But it has become one of the best ways to connect with people around the world.

As someone who works remotely, I’ve made friends in other cities, and found work opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without the communication technology that we have. Technology has also allowed us to instantaneously send and receive information, and make human connections that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

To celebrate how online communication has improved my life, I’d like to share some ways I communicate online.

Interactions with coworkers with apps and video

Remote work has made it possible to run a business online. Meetings are run on Zoom, WebEx, and Google Meet. This is the next best way to connect, other than with in-person meetings. It’s possible to run an entire team that lives in different cities and time zones.

You can also share work tasks and collaborate using various apps such as ClickUp, Slack, Telegram, and Asana. Yes, some of those apps are difficult to use and sometimes confusing, but it also makes tracking project milestones and deadlines for several people in one place easier.

Online chat groups in online communities

Meeting in person is one of the best ways to connect, but it isn’t practical to coordinate a meeting of like-minded people whenever you need the advice of people with experiences and backgrounds similar to yours.

Groups on Facebook, Discord, and Slack, for example, allow people in the same profession or with similar interests to discuss topics. In these groups, people from different cities and time zones can post their advice or opinions about topics such as how to handle a difficult work situation, how to write a resume, how to deal with relatives, or where to buy a product for your pet. It’s like reaching out to a human encyclopedia of knowledge.

Voice, video, image, and chat messages with friends and family

Long-distance calls are expensive. Sending postcards and letters take days, if not weeks. The best way to communicate with friends and family in other cities and countries in a cost-effective and quick way is online.

You can make group video calls or audio calls using apps. As long as you have internet, you don’t need to worry about long-distance costs. You can send text, photos, and voice messages instantly. While having dinner, you can send a photo of your meal to share your moment with your family, even if they are in another state or province.

It’s like your friends, family, and coworkers all live in your neighborhood. The world is more interconnected and a much smaller place because of online communication.

Key Takeaways

Online communication has greatly improved, to the point that we can create and maintain connections with people who live far away from us. Technology allows us to be part of a larger community that supports each other. Online communication also offers many more ways for us to keep in touch with family and friends who live far away.

What do you think about online communication?

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