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5 Foolproof Ways for Everyday Things to Bring You Happiness

Is it possible to find happiness every day? Maybe, maybe not. You face enough of life’s tough challenges. I’m not going to try to turn any frowns upside down, but I can propose five foolproof ways for everyday things to bring happiness and a little joy to your life.  

Daily writing prompt

What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?

1 Special object for your daily routine

We all have that particular object that is a part of our daily routine. It can be your favorite cup for your morning tea or coffee. Your day doesn’t quite feel right if you begin without it. But when you start your day with that cup, you feel that everything is right in your corner of the world. 

2 Special object to create the mood

Those earphones that play your favorite tunes to set the mood are important to create your work mode or relax mode. Fast tunes to motivate you to get your work done, or slow tunes to relax you at the end of the work day.

Your special object might be mood lights. Bright lights that keep you awake and working, or dim lights in the evening when you start the movie you couldn’t wait to watch.

3 Special object for self care

It’s the little things that we look forward to, like reading the next chapter of a book we can’t wait to finish. Drawing a bubble bath to relax and calm all the stresses from the day. That phone for the call with that friend or family member who can’t wait to hear how your day went and who is always there to support you. 

4 Special place in your home

We all need that special place to give us security, peace, and happiness. It’s our secret retreat. It can be the beanbag chair in the corner of the room where you curl up to read a book. The couch where you snuggle with your pets and blanket while you watch your favorite shows. Or your bed, where you can’t wait to rest your head and forget about the day’s challenges.

5 Special person in your life

A smile or a few words from a special person in your life can mean the world to you. Your significant other saying good morning or goodnight. Your parent giving you words of encouragement. A friend who sends you a picture of something because they thought of you.

Someone you admire can also bring happiness to your day. For example, playing a song by your favorite musician, reading a poem by your favorite writer, or even writing in your own journal can bring happiness when you see how far you’ve come in your journey.

Any of these people can be your rock.

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